There is nothing much to say about us but there is more to say about what we are going to do.

We started this NGO to help all the categories of HUMANS & ANIMALS

We love NATURE but only loving is not enough right we also need to protect it. So we will try to protect it as much as we can.

We came across many young and talented people who want to invent new things. They don’t have funds to do it. We also want to help those people who want to  RESEARCH & DEVELOP something which makes India grow either economically or technologically.



How we do

We tie up with state governments and other organisations in getting data of people who are in need.

Also we want you to send the information of people who are in need around your place.

 We categorize and analyze and then we work on the cause.

How we spend the funds

We or our team member will personally visit the place or meet the person before using funds. We cross check to avoid frauds.

We update the details of spent amount on website and apps

How are we different from other NGO’S?

Karma20 Foundation is a non profit organisation which started in year 2020 and we collect only 20 rupees as donation from each person.  So refer karma20 to your friends and family. Our strength resides in not the money; our strength is ‘US’.  As number of subscribers increase, our strength increases. When our strength increases, we work more and more.